Up <up>Emulates [Up] key press
Down <down>Emulates [Down] key press
Left <left>Emulates [Left] key press
Right<right>Emulates [Right] key press
Joystick press <jpress>Emulates [Joystick center] key press
Enter<enter>Emulates [Enter] key press
Esc<esc>Emulates [ESC] key press
CB1<cb1>Emulates [Left Softkey] key press, usually brings Options menu
CB2<cb2>Emulates [Right Softkey] key press
Power menu <pmenu>Emulates [Power] key press, brings power button menu
(c)<c>Emulates [C] key press


Date <date>Inserts current date
Time <time>Inserts current time
Day<day>Inserts current day number
Day of week<day_of_week>Inserts current day of week
Month name <month>Inserts current month name
Month number <month_n>Inserts current month number
Year <year>Inserts current year
Hour <hour>Inserts current hour
Minute <minute>Inserts current minute
Second <second>Inserts current second


Wait 0.1 sec <wait01>Holds macro execution for 0.1 sec
Wait 0.25 sec<wait025>Holds macro execution for 0.25 sec
Wait 0.5 sec <wait05>Holds macro execution for 0.5 sec
Wait 1 sec <wait1>Holds macro execution for 1 sec


Stop app <stop:X>Stops application with X UID
Start app<start:X>Starts application with X UID
Require app<require:X>Requires application with X UID to be started and be on top. If it's not, aborts macro execution. Good way to prevent macro execution on wrong application.

Last call info

Last call<lastcall>Inserts name from last call (missed, incoming or outgoing)
Last call num. <lastcall_n>Inserts number from last call (missed, incoming or outgoing)
Last incoming<caller>Inserts last caller name
Last incoming num.<caller_n>Inserts number of last caller
Last outgoing<dialed>Inserts name last dialed person
Last outgoing num.<dialed_n>Inserts number last dialed person
Last missed<missed>Inserts name of last missed caller
Last missed num. <missed_n>Inserts number of last missed caller