Best Alarms

This application offers a multi-functional alarm clock and various reminders.

This application offers a multi-functional alarm clock and various reminders.

Best Alarms for Symbian^3 features:

  • Smart notes for the alarms: when you are creating a new alarm, the application offers to select an earlier entered note or empty line. The list of notes is updated automatically when you create or change alarms;
  • Automated time correction: when you are creating a new alarm or reminder, the application will offer the time interval to the event deduced from the last alarm. Example: if the alarm was created at 10:00 AM and set for 10:30 AM, the next alarm will be offered to start in 30 minutes automatically.
  • Persistent Puzzle alarm: an optional feature that makes the alarm sound until you solve an arithmetic expression or input the shown random 4-digits number. This helps to make sure that your brain really woke up.
  • Reminder "Contact" - allows opening a contact for further operations (call, send a message, e-mail etc...)
  • Reminder "Phone Number" - allows dialling a number when the reminder pops up
  • Reminder "Voice note" - allows playing a voice note saved as a reminder
  • Reminder "Image" - allows to show an image or a photo from the camera

How does it work:

This software consists of a configuration application where you can manage the alarms and reminders and a service that will show the alerts and play the predefined tunes.

At first start, the software will offer to activate the service. The alerts can only be shown when the service is active. When the service is activated it will auto-start on phone startup.

The service cannot show the alerts from the phone's off state like the inbuilt Alarms do.


  • Service - controls turning the service on or off
  • Work days - allows changing the list of your working days
  • Remove the expired reminders
  • Ring time - the period for which the alarm will be ringing
  • Auto snooze - the number of times the alarm will snooze automatically
  • Auto snooze time - the time for which the alarm will be snoozed
  • Puzzle time - the time allowed for solving the puzzle

Default Sound settings:

  • Alarm tone
  • Ring type
  • Volume
  • Vibration
  • Ring in Silent mode


The alarms can be customized for Time / Date, Note, Repeat delay and Puzzle type.

The repeat delays can be set as follows:

  • Within next 24 hours
  • Once
  • Daily
  • Work days
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Puzzle types:

  • Off - you will not be asked a puzzle to solve
  • Arithmetic expression - you have to calculate and input the sum of two numbers
  • Random 4 digits - you have to input a random 4-digits number shown


The software allows creating the following reminder types:

  • Reminder "Contact" - allows choosing a contact from the address book
  • Reminder "Phone Number" - allows setting a number for calling later
  • Reminder "Voice note" - allows recording a voice note. The sound file will be deleted after deleting reminders.
  • Reminder "Image" - allows choosing an image from the Media Gallery or taking a picture with the camera

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 2.00]

Compatible with:
- Symbian^3
- S60 3rd edition
- S60 5th edition