Best Answering Machine

Enhance your device with one of the most powerful features you can imagine: an Answering Machine based on your own smartphone. Do not waste money for your voice box anymore!

There are two views in the program: Answering machine & Message player. You can switch between them with left and right joystick keys.

Answering machine view:

Here you can see answering machine status: turned off, waiting for a call, incoming call, playing greeting message, or recording message.

In this view you can also see brief statistics for your messages, the number of unheard messages and an approximate number of messages that can be recorded (calculated as a ratio of free disk space to max. message size)

You can turn on and turn off the answering machine here. When the answering machine is turned on, you can see a small indicator in the right topmost corner of the screen, which is always-on-top. This indicator will be also visible in all applications when Answering Machine is minimized.

Message player view:

This view shows the list of messages. All unheard messages are shown in Bold font. Messages without message file are shown in red (e.g. if message file itself was removed with a file explorer outside of Answering Machine).

In this view you can play a message and immediately call the person who has left the message. When the message is being played you may change its volume with joystick (left/right).

Note: for storing messages we use AMR sound format. This format is highly compressed and best suits answering machine needs especially taking into consideration the fact that the smartphone is limited in disk space.

You can get detailed message information here by selecting message properties. Here you can see message status (heard, unheard), call date/time, message duration left, total call duration, name of the caller (if his/her name was found in your contacts), phone number (if detected), and file name where the message is stored.

There are some more commands in advanced menu: Refresh (refreshes the list of messages), delete message, delete all messages and pack messages. When packing all messages, the messages without corresponding message files are deleted (they're shown in red).


Answering Machine offers a wide set of options which make this application a universal tool for call recording.

The following options can be set up:

  • Specify responses - this option represents a set of rules defining which greeting message will be played to which calls.

    You can set the following rules in this dialog:
    • Default - this rule will be put into action if none of the active rules is used;
    • Contact - you can set a separate rule for a specific contact;
    • Group - a rule for a group of contacts;
    • Phone - a rule for a phone number. You can use a mask for phone numbers. A match pattern can contain wildcard characters "*" and "?", where "*" matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any character and "?" matches a single occurrence of any character.
      '*77' - all numbers ending at 77;
      '877*' - all numbers beginning with 877;
      '12?34' - all numbers like 12034, 12134 ... 12934;
  • Disk for recording incoming messages
  • Pick up after - defines time (mm:ss) when the answering machine has to pick up the call
  • Max duration - defines maximum time of the incoming message. After this time answering machine hangs up automatically
  • Show indicator
  • Autostart
  • Play volume (high/low)

  • During a phone call:

    If the answering machine is answering an incoming call, a menu appears with following commands:

  • Manual answer - if you choose this command, call recording or greeting message playing is stopped and you can talk with the caller
  • Hang up - this command stops recording/playing and ends the call.

  • Please note: This software is discontinued.

    You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

    [Version 2.05]

    Compatible with:
    - S60 1sth and 2nd ed.