Full Screen Caller

Full Screen Caller allows you to see a big picture of a person when you are receiving a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database!

How does it work:

"Full screen caller" has two modes: picture mode and caller info mode. Depending on the selected mode "Full screen caller" will show either a photo associated with a corresponding contact or detailed information about the caller.

When "Full screen caller" is turned on, it shows a big photo of a caller or caller info screen during a phone call. A picture can appear during incoming or/and outcoming calls.

In picture mode "Full screen caller" tries to get the biggest picture from "Pictures" during a call. If there is no picture then the program will try to get a big picture from Contacts application. If there's no big picture in Contacts it tries to get a picture from "Pictures" for a group. If it doesn't find any it shows a thumbnail or default picture.

In caller info mode "Full screen caller" gets information about a caller from contacts database and shows fields that you set in settings dialog.

Main view:

This is the main view of "Full Screen Caller". In this view you can find the following commands:

  • Turn On/Off - with the help of this option you can activate and deactivate "Full Screen Caller";
  • Pictures - application pictures;
  • Settings - application settings;


In this dialog you can configure the following settings:

  • General:
    • Mode - depending on your choice "Full screen caller" will show a photo or caller info screen;
    • Backlight - if this option is turned on backlight will be on when Full Screen Caller shows a picture during a call;
    • Show on - defines wheather to show the screen during outcoming or incoming calls;
    • Picture mode settings:
      • Picture:
        • Default image - defines a predefined picture or a thumbnail shown in the case when a picture is not found;
        • Show phone icon - if this option is turned on an icon will be shown in the field "Phone number";
        • Show phone number - if this option is turned on phone number will be shown in the field "Phone number";
        • Label type - defines content of the second string;
        • Font name - font for text;
      • Big image:
        • Big image layout:
          • Full screen - the picture will be stretched to fit the dimensions of the screen. If a picture does not have the preffered proportions (176 x 187) then the longer side of it will be cut and the shorter one - stretched. For example: if the size of the picture is 640 x 480 the result size will be 249 x 187, thus the left and right sides of the picture will be cut by (249-176)/2 = 36 pixels;
          • Fit screen - the picture will be compressed to 176 x 187;
        • Opacity;
        • Opacity color;
        • Phone number color;
        • Phone label color;
        • Phone name color;
        • Background color;
      • Thumbnail:
        • Thumbnail layout:
          • Standard;
          • Original size;
          • Fit screen;
        • Thumbnail phone number color;
        • Thumbnail phone name color;
        • Thumbnail phone label color;
        • Thumbnail background color;
        • Thumbnail border color;
      • Other:
        • Sort order - defines sort order for pictures in Picture dialog;
    • Caller info mode settings:
      • Caller info:
        • Background color;
        • Font name - font for text;
      • Info strings:
        • 5 info strings with different fields that can be received from a contact. Moreover, you can set a different color for each string;

    How to assign a big picture to the contact:

    To assign a picture to a person, a group or simply choose a default one open Pictures. You will see a dialog that has 3 pages:

    • Contacts;
    • Groups;
    • Default;

    In this dialog you can perform the following operations with the pictures:

    • Open - show big picture;
    • Select picture - lets you choose any picture from image folder;
    • From camera - lets you make a snapshot via camera;
    • Default picture - assign predefined image;
    • Delete (Hot key: Pen/Abc+ C) - remove picture;
    • Update all contacts - retrieve all big pictures from contacts;

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 3.04]

Compatible with:
- S60 1st and 2nd ed.