Best GSMNavigator

Allows performing various actions depending on location. The location can be determined by GSM cells as well as GPS data.

A useful tool working with GSM cells and GPS position data. It allows assigning various actions to be automatically performed while entering or exiting a specific location: play a sound, change profile, launch an application, send SMS or e-mail and many other actions.

Main features:

  • Grouping several GSM cells into one location and working with it;
  • Specifying a GPS position and accuracy radius for a location;
  • Sound and text alerts upon location change;
  • Assigning various actions performed upon entering or exiting a location;
  • Ability to rename GSM cells, tagging them with intelligible labels;
  • Detailed information on GSM cells;
  • Intuitive easy to use user interface;

How to start:

  • It is not necessary but would be extremely helpful to first open GSM cell log and turn it on to collect GSM cells information. The log data will be useful to set up the list of cells for your location;
  • For GSMNavigator to be able to perform various automated actions, you must set up "Locations". Open the Locations view, create one or more locations, assign GSM cells or GPS positions to it and set up the desired actions;
  • Open Settings and set up the options;
  • Turn on the Best GSMNavigator by clicking joystick on the corresponding item in the main view.

Please note: This application must be running in order to work. Use the right softkey "Hide" in the main view to hide the application (from the Tasks List as well) - it will continue working and performing its functions.

Main view

The Main view represents the general menu of the application and offers an easy access to other program views such as Locations, Alarms, Settings and GSM cell log. Any item in this view can be opened by joystick clicking on it.


  • GSM position - allows tracking GSM cells changes;
  • GPS position - allows tracking GPS position change;
  • Log data length - maximum GSM cell log time length in days. It is useful to reduce the possible log size if you always keep it enabled. If cell addition date is older than the defined time length, it will be removed from the log;
  • Message send interval - minimum time before the next message send action. This option allows avoiding frequent message sending when you switch between nearby locations;
  • Location notifications - allows turning on or off the notification about location switch event;
  • Working days - allows specifying your working days in the week;


Each Location has the following properties:

  • Name - assigned location name, e.g. 'Home', 'Work', 'Cinema' etc;
  • GPS position - coordinates and radius of a location for GPS positioning. When creating a location, the coordinates can be fetched from system list or from the current GPS position;
  • Cells list - each physical location can be served by one ore more GSM cells, therefore you can add all cells present in your physical location to the Location configured in our software. A specific cell can be assigned to one location only. For more advanced configuration of cells list you can use the following commands from Options menu:
    • Add cells - find cells in this location and add those cells to it;
    • Train location for... - search for cells in this location for a specified period of time and choose the cells to add among the ones found;
    • Add cells from log - allows adding cells from GSM cell log
    • Edit assigned cells - opens the list of assigned cells for further operations;
    • Remove cells - find cells in this location and remove those cells from cells list;
  • Actions on enter, Actions on exit - allows specifying actions upon entering and leaving a location. List of available actions:
    • Switch profile - this option can be useful when you enter e.g. 'Cinema' location so that your smartphone could automatically switch to silent profile to avoid undesirable loud ringing;
    • Send SMS, Send E-Mail - allows sending predefined messages to predefined recipients;
    • Bluetooth state - allows switching Bluetooth on or off, or changing your visibility to Hidden or Visible to all;
    • Switch wallpaper, Switch theme - allows assigning a predefined image as wallpaper or switching to another theme in your smartphone;
    • Backlight state - allows setting the backlight state to On, Off or On if charging;
    • Start or close application - allows customizing a list of applications to be started or closed upon entering or leaving a location;

GSM Cell log:

This useful view allows collecting GSM cells information. To activate it, select "Enable log" command from menu (you can disable it later when all your locations are already defined). Recorded cells can be assigned to your defined locations or removed from those locations. Each cell can be renamed to hold a human readable label (e.g. 'Home1','Home2' etc), which can later be removed via Options menu.


This view allows setting up alarms. Alarms are text messages popping up with sound when a cell changes. Alarms can be assigned for entering a location as well as for leaving it. You can specify various time conditions for alarms. You can also set up the text and the sound played when an alarm goes off.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 1.05]

Compatible with:
- Symbian^3
- S60 3rd edition
- S60 5th edition