Best KeyLocker

It will let you set automatic keypad lock, sounds for key lock/unlock actions and much more.

Are you afraid to forget to lock your keypad? And you don't want your phone to call a friend abroad or start loading WAP or Internet pages? Then you should let KeyLocker do this routine work! It will let you set automatic keypad lock, sounds for key lock/unlock actions and much more.a

Features and settings:

  • Custom lock timeout.
  • Custom sound notification on lock/unlock actions.
  • Custom hot-key for lock/unlock operations.
  • Rule to lock or don't lock if charger connected.
  • Rule to lock only in idle screen.
  • Rule to lock in different profiles.
  • Rule to lock in different applications.
  • Don't lock phone during a phone call.
  • Autolock on slider - automatic keypad locking and unlocking for slider based phones.

How does it work:

  • In order to activate KeyLocker launch it and click joystick on Activate.
  • In order to change settings click joystick on Settings.

Hint: When you use the option "Don't lock in applications" and add certain application, e.g. Messaging, Best Keylocker will not lock the keypad in that application, but when ScreenSaver appears, the keypad will be locked autamaticaly. To prevent this situation you could also add ScreenSaver to "don't lock application" list.

Note: If you add ScreenSaver to "Don't lock in applications" list, make sure your lock timeout is less than screensaver timeout, otherwise it won't lock either after screensaver is activated from idle screen or any other application, which is not in "Don't lock in applications" list.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 1.01]

Compatible with:
- S60 3rd edition