Best Lock

Best Lock is great looking, customizable and informative screensavers with protection ability application

If you need handy, great looking, customizable and informative screensavers with protection ability you need BestLock!
You may have big digital/analog clock or a monthly calendar with big clock on the custom background as your screensaver or customize any animated or static image for your screen saver.
In addition to the user friendly screensaver BestLock optionally offers a protection screen with predefined owner information.
If you are looking for amazing, innovative screensavers with useful information that enlarges capacities of your smartphone - you are looking for BestLock!

How does it work:

To activate BestLock choose a suitable screen saver via command "Select" and then "Turn on".

BestLock overrides system screen saver but uses its behavior. Moreover, BestLock locks the screen, and that lets you make your phone more safe. To configure "lock screen" choose command "General settings" , then "joystick right" and configure security settings.

Every screen saver has individual settings, and if you want to change them select screensaver and open settings dialog via menu command "Settings".

In every screen saver you can configure the following indicators:

  • Battery charge level;
  • Signal strength;
  • Missed calls;
  • New messages;
  • Date;
  • Time;

With the help of "Preview" you can preview the selected screen saver.

With the help of "On charging..." you can configure BestLock in such a way that screen saver with backlight will be activated only during the time when your phone is charging.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 1.06]

Compatible with:
- S60 1st and 2nd ed.