Best Secretary

Your personal mobile secretary that does what a real-life secretary does. Leaves voice messages to people calling you, blocks unwanted calls, out of office or do-not-disturb assistant, SMS answering machine, etc.

Best Secretary is a full-scale voice calls and SMS processing application. It can automatically answer a call and play a predefined voice message to a specified person or group of persons. It can block unwanted calls and automatically answer your incoming messages.

There are custom responses for your contacts, for groups of contacts, for custom phone numbers, default response ("for others"), black list, etc.

A complete log is also available: everything that the Secretary does is logged and can be browsed easily.

How to get started

Configuration application is accessible from your Menu desktop as any normal application. Here you can start/stop the service, configure its settings and define how it should behave.

The first application screen is overview. Here you can start or stop the service (if the service is stopped Best Secretary will perform no action). If the service is running you overview the number of received calls/ messages and number of replied calls and messages.

To see the complete description of Best Secretary actions (whom it replied and what exactly) select "Log" item to open Log view.

To configure the service behavior (what it should do in different situations) select "Responder" item to open the Responder view.

Responder view

Here you can define and customize your responses and the Secretay behavior. There are 3 types of rules:

  • Custom: you can define as many custom responses as you want and play/send them to a defined list of contacts. So, for your relatives you can set up one response message, for your colleagues a second one, etc. Custom response can be tied to incoming phone calls, or messages, or both. Here you also define if voice calls are to be replied with a voice message or SMS.

  • Default: here you define a message sent or played with voice if no custom messages are found. In other words - "for others".

  • Exclude list: here you can define the list of correspondents you don't want to respond with Secretary. If "Reject call" option in this list is ON then this exclude list will also work as blacklist and will reject phone calls from all correspondents defined here.

"Exclude list" rules are always checked first. If the person calling you is not found here then Secretary tries to find the person in custom responses. If found the program sends or plays the defined response message. Otherwise if the default rule is activated then the default message is sent, if not - then no message is sent or played (in other words a call or a message will not be handled).

You can create/pre-create as many responses/lists as you need and activate the ones that suit your current situation. You can activate/deactivate any list using "Activate/Deactivate" commands.

Log view

Everything that Secretary does is logged and can be browsed easily. When the service is running all incoming calls and messages are logged.

Log record: Left icon describes if there was a phone call or an incoming message. Then you can see the person's name or number and date/time when the event happened. Right icon specifies Secretary actions with the call/message:

  • no icon: the call or the message was not handled and no action was taken.

  • voice responded the call was answered with voice message

  • sms responded the call/message was answered with SMS

  • already answered the call/message was already answered with SMS

  • call blocked the call was rejected

To see the detailed information about a log record just press it.

Global settings

You can modify application settings by selecting "Settings" command in the main view.

  • "Bounce protection" - Secretary sends only one SMS to each number during the session. This helps to avoid the continued SMS loop between two devices equipped with Secretary or to prevent unwanted multiple SMS sending. If you set "Bounce protection" to, say, 15 min, it means that Secretary replies with SMS to the same number once in 15 min. (such messages will be marked as "Already answered with SMS"). New session also begins when you restart the service.

  • "Log: keep messages" - here you set up how long events are to be kept in the log and if Secretary has to clean the log automatically
    • All the time: no automatic cleanup will be performed
    • Never: turns off logging function. No messages will be logged at all.
    • For X days: automatically deletes log records older than X days.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 2.00]

Compatible with:
- Symbian^3
- S60 3rd edition
- S60 5th edition