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SmsMachine is a fully customized SMS answering machine for your S60 1st and 2nd ed. You can predefine any number of response messages automatically sent to people calling you or sending SMS or MMS to you.

SmsMachine is a fully customized SMS answering machine for your smartphone. To meet your needs you can predefine any number of response messages automatically sent to people calling you or sending SMS or MMS to you.

There are custom responses for persons from contacts, for groups of persons from contacts, for custom phone numbers, default response, black list, selective situations, message templates, tight interaction with Contacts and Messaging applications, handy log, etc, etc...

How to get started

SmsMachine is designed to serve as an "out of office assistant" and it automatically sends an SMS reply to a received SMS, MMS, or a voice call.

There are 3 top views in the program: Main View, Responses view and Log View. You can switch between them with joystick left/right.

Main view

In this view you you can turn SmsMachine on and off. When SmsMachine is turned off it doesn't reply to any calls or messages.

When turned on you can see how many incoming calls, SMS and MMS were there and how many of them were replied by SMSMachine.

To continue working with your phone with SmsMachine activated you can select Hide command on the Options menu. SmsMachine will be minimized and will work in background.

Log view

Here you can see full description of SmsMachine activity. When and from whom there was an incoming voice call, SMS, MMS, when and to whom the auto responses were sent.


- Incoming SMS or MMS

- Incoming voice call

- Sent response

For you convenience you can immediately call, send SMS or MMS directly from Log view to the selected person or phone number in Log.

Responses view

Here you can define and fully customize your responses. There are 3 types of rules.

Black list: Here you can define the list of correspondents you don't want to respond to with SmsMachine. If this rule is activated when SmsMachine gets a call or a message from anyone it will try to find this person in black list first, no response will be sent if found.

Default: Here you can define message sent if no custom messages are found (if default rule is activated). If no custom message is found and default rule is not activated then no response will be sent.

Custom: You can define as many custom responses as you want. In custom response you can link correspondentss with custom message. So, for your relatives you can set up one response message, for your colleagues a second one, etc.

When SmsMachine gets a call or message it will:

1. Try to find a caller in black list if black list rule is activated. If found then no responses will be sent. Otherwise..

2. Try to find custom response for this caller browsing through activated custom responses. If found it will sent the corresponding response message. Otherwise..

3. If Default rule is activated then default message will be sent, if it's not then no message will be sent.

Well, and that's not all! For you convenience we have defined "Situations". Each situation can have its own Default, black list and any number of custom rules! So you can switch between the whole groups of your defined responses easily. For example you can have one responses set when you're going to sleep, when you're on meeting, etc ... Everything, how SmsMachine will look and act depends on you only.

Adding custom response

For each custom response you want to set up you should name it, define the response message, and define the correspondents assigned to this message.

Response message - You should type message text here. You can get it from templates as well. Existing message can be added to templates to be used later.

Correspondents. As a correspondent you can use person(s) selected from Contacts, groups of persons from Contacts or custom phone numbers.

Please note: if you insert the same person in different custom responses, SmsMachine will use the first found activated response rule with this person included.

Auto answer. Here you can define whether this response should be counted when SmsMachine gets a voice call or when there is incoming SMS or MMS, or in both cases.

Behind the screen:

  • You can select character set for outgoing SMS messages sent by SmsMachine:
    • 8bit (ASCII) - should be used when you write your messages templates with ASCII (latin) characters.
    • 16bit (ASCII) - should be used when you write your messages templates with cyrillic, chinese, etc characters.

  • SmsMachine sends only one answer to each number during the session. This helps to avoid the continued SMS loop between two devices equipped with SmsMachines. New session begins when you turn SmsMachine on and ends when you turn it off.

  • If a caller's number hasn't been defined (for voice calls) no response will be sent.

  • In order not to waste disk space SmsMachine automatically deletes sent message from "Sent folder". All information about sent responses you can find in SmsMachine Log view.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 2.00]

Compatible with:
- S60 1st and 2nd ed.