Best Spam Killer

Protects your phone from SMS spam, unwanted persons and junk messages

Best Spam Killer is the way to eliminate SMS spam effectively and to avoid SMS from unwanted persons. Spam Killer is SMS firewall that kills spam and junk messages before they reach your inbox thus filtered messages do not disturb you.

Filters can target specific phone numbers or number ranges (block by country, company, operator, etc), contacts or contact groups, or analyze the text content.

Spam SMS is automatically placed into Spam folder so your inbox remains free from spam. It's kept there for several days (customizable) and erased automatically after. If for some reason a legitimate SMS was flagged as spam, you can easily access it there.

You do not want to buy replica watches and viagra, get a diploma today or "win" a lottery you never took part in? Try Best Spam Killer and you won't have to waste your your time on such junk.

Features include:

  • SMS firewall
  • Highly customizable rules
  • Silent delete. You won't be disturbed by junk message alarm or light
  • Spam folder that keeps all messages marked as spam
  • Auto cleanup. You can define for how many days a spam marked message should be kept in the Spam folder
  • Service based - works in background and absolutely transparent to the user

As the popularity of mobile phones surged in the early 2000s, frequent users of text messaging started to suffer from the increased number of unsolicited (and generally unwanted) commercial advertisements being sent to their telephones through text messaging. This can be particularly annoying for the recipient, because unlike email, it is usually difficult or impossible to delete an SMS message without reading it first.

Some telecommunication providers believe that SMS spam is going to be the next big challenge as the fast development of technology allows SMS spam to be sent at relatively low cost using Internet SMS portals.

Best Spam Killer is the effective way to eliminate SMS spam and SMS from unwanted persons on your phone.

Best Spam Killer highlights:

  • SMS Firewall. Spam Killer is SMS firewall "listening" the socket that connects your phone to NetOp network and kills spam and junk messages before they reach your inbox thus filtered messages do not produce any sound or light on your mobile and do not "confuse" other software that rely on Messaging API. Your phone just do not "see" the spam.
  • Analyse. Spam Killer analyses every incoming SMS message, checking and filtering it if it is suspected to be a junk message. It uses highly customizable number of rules that you define to filter out potential spammer messages or to block unwanted senders.
  • Silent delete. When a junk message arrives you won't be disturbed by a message alarm or display light. You even won't know about junk message. SpamKiller will absorb it silently.
  • Spam Folder. Curious how much spam comes to your phone? Or want to be sure that no non-spam message is blocked? Then check your Spam folder. Here you may find messages deleted by Spam Killer.
  • Auto cleanup. You can define for how many days a message marked as spam should be kept in the Spam folder. After this time a junk message will be automatically and permanently removed from your phone.
  • Service based application. Spam Killer is a professionally made application consisting of configuration application that you can start like any other application and the service module (an always-in-memory process). When you have configured the settings you may activate the service and close the configuration application. The service will do all job using really small amount of memory, system resources and absolutely transparent to the user. Just configure and turn it on once and you can forget about it and forget about all spam and unwanted senders.

User Guide:

Best Spam Killer consists of 3 main views:

  • Status
  • Spam Folder
  • Rules

You can switch between them using left / right or by commands in menu.

Status view

To allow Best Spam Killer service to analyse your incoming messages and filter spam you should turn it on in the Status view. You can turn it off again any time if you want to stop all Best Spam Killer activities. When the service is activated you can close the configuration application if you don't need it. The service will stay and will work in background in absolutely transparent way using minimum system resources.

In the status view you can also view the service uptime if it's running and how many messages were accepted and blocked since the service start.

Please note: only one firewall-like application listening for SMS messages can work at the same time. If you get "Can't activate service. Needed system resource is in use by other software." error message when activating the service then there is a compatibility issue with some other software. It could be some application processing messages in real time, such as privacy software, firewall or anti-virus or other anti-spam software. You cannot use both such applications at the same time, it's technically impossible.

Spam Folder view

All messages that were marked as spam are automatically placed to the spam folder where you may observe them if needed.

Most recent messages are displayed on top. You can view the message text, from whom and when the message arrived, reply and delete the message.

Also, to analyse SpamKiller activity, you can see here what rule was responsible for marking the message as spam.

Using "General Settings" command in menu you can customize spam folder and to configure if messages should be placed to Spam Folder or instantly deleted, keep messages in the spam folder forever or for X days only.

Rules view

Here you can set filters. In other words you need to describe what you consider spam and what is not spam for you.

There are 2 types of rules (depending on their behaviour): block and accept.

1. When there's an incoming message Spam Killer always analyses all activated "accept" rules first. If any "accept" rule matches the message then this message always arrives to your inbox (block rules won't even come in to play).

2. If no "accept" rule matches the message then all activated "block" rules are checked. If any of them matches the message then the message is marked as spam.

3. If no rule (block or accept) matches the message then the message is always accepted.

To add new rule use "New rule" command.

Creating/editing rule:

  • Behaviour - Block or Accept. Accept behaviour says what is not spam and should be ALWAYS accepted. Block behaviour says what spam is.

  • Type - The rule type can be one of the following:
    • Contact. You can select contacts from your contacts book. All phone numbers that the contact has will be blocked or accepted (depends on the rule behaviour)
    • Contact group. You can select groups of contacts from your contacts book. All contacts that the group has and all their phone numbers will be blocked or accepted (depends on the rule behaviour)
    • Phone number. Any custom phone number.
    • Phone prefix. Beginning of the phone number. Spam killer will block (or accept) all numbers starting from it.
    • Part of phone. A part of a phone number. Spam killer will block (or accept) all numbers containing typed value anywhere in the number.
    • Phone mask. Customized number template. Allows you to make number 'masks' using character *. E.g.: +38050* - will block/accept all numbers starting from +38050. *12345 - will block/accept all numbers ending with 12345. *123* - will block/accept all numbers containing 123 anywhere in the number.
    • All in phonebook. Represents all numbers in your contact book.
    • All messages. Represents all incoming messages.
    • Content. Filter by content (case insensitive):
      • Any word. If any of the defined words are found in a message it will be blocked (or accepted)
      • Whole phrase. A message will be blocked (or accepted) only if the exact defined phrase is found in the message.
      • All words. If all defined words are found in a message (in any order) it will be blocked (or accepted)

To better organize the rules you can move them to the list.

With enable/disable commands you can activate and deactivate rules. Disabling rule can be good to deactivate a rule temporarily without deleting it to handle special situations

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 2.00]

Compatible with:
- Symbian^3
- S60 3rd edition
- S60 5th edition