Best TaskMan

Designed for touch use - running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, a unique way to access favorite applications (Quickstart), running processes control, and many more advanced functions to explore.

Best TaskMan shows comprehensible information about programs and processes running on the device. Unlike built-in task switcher it tells you exactly what programs are running on your smartphone and it gives you answers to the obvious ensuing questions, such as where these programs reside, memory they consume and what capabilities they use.

In addition to that you can switch between running applications, close unneeded ones, launch your favorite applications fast (quickstart) or go deeply with enhanced process viewer and installed applications list.

If you really want to know what's behind of the screen of your device and want to control it then Best TaskMan is the application for you.

Features include:

  • Task list
  • Memory View
  • Quick start functionality
  • Integration to the system and customizable activation
  • Overview and control running applications
  • Ability to exclude applications from tasks list
  • Ability to close or kill an application
  • Customizable 'close all' command
  • Detailed information about each running application
  • Overview and control running processes
  • Ability to close or kill a process
  • Overview of the list with installed applications

Opened applications view

This view shows the information about running applications. You can see what applications are running currently, switch to the needed application, get information about any running application, close some application or all applications at once. You may also see the amount of memory available at the end of the list.

This view substitutes the built-in task manager (if enabled in options) and task selecting navigation here is the same as in the built-in one. You can select an application by using joystick, touch item, or just pressing Menu key several times to select the needed application and then long press Menu key to switch to the application.

You can also select in Settings not to substitute the built-in task manager but to define your custom taskman activation hotkey, in this case both Best TaskMan and the system task manager will work without conflicts at the same time (See Settings section in this documentation for more information).

Hint: When this view is shown it automatically highlights the previously focused application so you can cycle between 2 last applications in a fast way.

Advanced configuration

You can select "Tasklist exceptions", and "'Close all' exceptions" from Settings menu in this this view:

  • Tasklist exceptions - Allows to define a list of applications that should be hidden in Open applications view. It can be very comfortable to hide some applications running in background all the time and you switch to them very seldom.
  • 'Close all' exceptions - As 'Close all' command in Open applications view closes all non- system applications you can set up here an additional list of applications that should not be closed with 'Close all' command.

Memory view

This view shows brief and detailed information about your device memory, phone disk and memory card

Hint: You can switch fast between Opened applications and Memory view using most left toolbar button.

Quick start

This function allows you to increase the productivity usage of your smartphone. You can place here all most used applications and access them very fast when you need them. You can access QuickStart from any TaskMan view by pressing right toolbar button.

You can add an application to this list using QuickStart command. You have 12 slots where you can place your favorite applications.

Advanced views

You can access views that show advanced information about your device from "Views" menu or by pressing middle toolbar button. There are Processes, All open apps, and Installed apps views:

  • Processes - shows all active processes. Allows to get information about them and terminate any 3rd party process. Ending any system process is not allowed. System processes are the ones that supplied and configured by the device vendor (in firmware).
  • All open apps - shows the view similar to Open applications view but it also shows all hidden applications
  • Installed apps - shows all installed applications on your device. Allows you to get various information about these apps as well.


Using application settings you can override the default application behavior and customize it to fit your needs.

  • "Taskman activation" - If it is set to "Instead of built-in one" then Best Taskman will replace the built-in task manager when you long press Menu key. If it's set to 'Custom key' then both Best TaskMan and the system taskman can work at the same time.
  • "Activation hotkey" - Visible only when Taskman activation is set to 'Custom key'. It allows you to define a hotkey to pop up Best TaskMan from background.
  • "Autostart Taskman" - if enabled TaskMan will be automatically started in background when the system starts

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 3.00]

Compatible with:
- Symbian^3
- S60 3rd edition
- S60 5th edition