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This application enables you to create and play video-clips instead of usual ringtones. Get a broader view on the capabilities of your smartphone! VideoRingtones will make your phone unique.

VideoRingtones broadens the capabilities of your phone, enabling it to play video-clips instead of usual audio ringtones. Thanks to highly professional implementation, VideoRingtones is integrated in your system and allows working with video-ringtones in the same way as with usual ringtones. This means that you can set a video-ringtone depending on used profile or assign it to a contact through system Contacts application.

VideoRingtones can use any video format supported by your phone (3gpp, mp4, DRM protected). You can also record a video clip with your phone's camera and use this clip as video-ringtone.

How to start:

To change a usual ringtone for a video-ringtone, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Create a video-ringtone. Start the VideoRingtones application, click on Ringtones and select the command "Create new" from menu. Choose source video-clip for the video-ringtone and press OK.
  • Set the new video-ringtone in profiles or assign it to any contact in system address-book.

After creating and setting the video-ringtone, your video-clip will play on incoming calls for the assigned contact/group/profile.


With help of the options in Settings dialog you can set up the view of video-ringtone. This dialog offers the following options:



  • Show thumbnail - show/hide the thumbnail of the picture assigned to the calling person in Contacts.
  • Phone icon - show/hide phone icon (mobile/home).
  • Phone number - show/hide caller's phone number.
  • Label type: No label / Phone label / Company name / Group name - defines what information to show about the contact.
  • Font - defines the font to use for showing information about the contact.
  • Layout: Full screen / Top screen - defines how the video-ringtone will be shown; if the Full screen layout is selected, the ringtone will show on top of standard caller information with extended information about the caller.
  • Background color.
  • Phone number color.
  • Phone label color.
  • Text color.

Every video-ringtone can have personalized view settings or use general settings by default.

VideoRingtone Editor for Windows:

The freeware application VideoRingtone Editor enables you to create and edit video-ringtones on your PC. You can download VideoRingtone Editor here.

VideoRingtone Editor User Manual:

Download and install the package containing the VRTEditor application and the MakeVRT tool allowing to create videoringtones from command line. The VideoRingtone Editor application allows creating and editing videoringtones, as well as making sis files (installation file for Symbian OS). A videoringtone may consist of a video file in mp4 or 3gpp formats and an optional sound file in amr, aac, awb or wav formats.

With VRTEditor you can set the look of the videoringtone, for this use "Custom look and feel" option and set the desired options for videoringtone look.

With MakeVRT command line program you can create sis files.

Usage: MakeVRT VideoFileName [[SoundFileName] DestinationFolder]

VideoFileName - video file in mp4 or 3gpp format
SoundFileName - audio file in amr, aac, awb or wav format
DestinationFolder - folder where sis files will be created; if it's not indicated, the current folder will be used


  • MakeVRT VideoRingtone.3gp VideoRingtone.acc C:\Videoringtones
  • MakeVRT VideoRingtone.3gp VideoRingtone.acc
  • MakeVRT VideoRingtone.3gp C:\Videoringtones
  • MakeVRT VideoRingtone.3gp


  1. If a videoringtone consists of video and audio files, the video file must not contain any audio tracks.
  2. If a videoringtone consists only of the video file, some devices (phones) may have troubles playing it, namely: too low volume of audio, non-working vibrating alert.

Please note: This software is discontinued.

You can download it FOR FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

[Version 1.03]

Compatible with:
- S60 1st and 2nd ed.