Software for S60 3rd edition:

Please note: Software in this section is discontinued. You can download it for FREE and use it AS IS, but it is no longer supported.

System enhancement

Best Menu

Organize and instantly access phone numbers, contacts, emails, documents. Insert predefined text templates into any application, create and execute macros, 'Type & Go' functionality and many more other functions to explore.

Best Private Conversation

You have secret connections and you wish to hide all traces of communication? Then this software is for you! This application allows hiding SMS messages, deleting records from system calls log and much more...

Best Secretary

Your personal mobile secretary that does what a real-life secretary does. Leaves voice messages to people calling you, blocks unwanted calls, out of office or do-not-disturb assistant, SMS answering machine, etc.

Best TaskMan

Designed for touch use - running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, a unique way to access favorite applications (Quickstart), running processes control, and many more advanced functions to explore.


Tracker is a real and fully customizable desktop application designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions.

Telephony enhancement

Best Answering Machine

Expand the possibilities of your device by one of the most powerful features you could imagine - Answering Machine. Play messages and set up greetings directly on your smartphone. Don't spend any more money on voice mail!

Best Blacklist

Automatically rejects unwanted callers. Real-time incoming number analysis and instant reject. Easy to configure and use. Your phone will be always busy for unwelcome calls!

Best Call Notes

Allows to take notes during a call. Notes can be tagged to the person you are speaking with to be easily accessed when you have a conversation with this contact or global ones to be accessible during any call.

Best CallCheater

Turn your smartphone into a device that can give you an alibi and save you from undesired phone calls.

Best CallRecorder

This is a fully customizable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Unobtrusive and easy to use.

Best Full Screen Caller

This application allows showing the caller's picture (CallerID) in full screen during the call and incoming messages.

Best Full Screen Message

Shows incoming text message on full screen instantly when it comes. You've heard incoming message sound? Just take the phone out of your pocket to see the message on the screen already.

Best GSMNavigator

Allows performing various actions depending on location. The location can be determined by GSM cells as well as GPS data.

Best Reminder

Provides repeating alarms, visual notification and/or device vibrating to draw your attention to received but unnoticed messages and missed calls.

Best SMS Cheater

SMS Cheater is a perfect escape tool, use it as a polite excuse or play a joke on friends.

Best Spam Killer

Protects your phone from SMS spam, unwanted persons and junk messages

Personal information managers

Best Birthday

Best Birthday for Symbian^3 is a useful utility that helps you organizing and viewing birthdays and anniversaries in a handy way: monthly view of anniversaries, alarms in Calendar associated with them and much more.

Best Crypto

Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your Symbian^3! Has a desktop companion.

Best Expense

This application helps to organize accounting for various types of expenses. You can export your expense data from this application to convenient file formats such as CSV or QIF (for later importing them into such desktop applications as MsMoney, Quicken, Excel etc).

Best Jotter

Note taking software that allows to jot down notes, memos, ideas and any piece of information, organize, categorize, protect and encrypt them with password if needed, and export/import to a text file to be viewed or edited on PC.

Best Safe

Keep all your private information secure, organized, and easy for you to access.


Best Alarms

This application offers a multi-functional alarm clock and various reminders.

Best BatterySaver

Application allows reducing power consumption depending on the chosen battery profile and current battery level.

Best Calc

Allows to perform all basic calculations as well as all common scientific functions in a very fast and easy way.

Best Converter

Fast and easy way to convert almost anything to anything else. Over 1.100 units in 67 categories - it's a real conversion power in your pocket!

Best Dictaphone

Best Dictaphone for S60 3rd edition lets you record an important idea and even a phone conversation - just with one button press!

Best Full Screen Clock

FSClock turns your mobile into exclusive watches, showing cool looking skinable clock in full screen mode on your mobile.

Best KeyLocker

It will let you set automatic keypad lock, sounds for key lock/unlock actions and much more.

Best MessageStorer

Best MessageStorer lets you easily and conveniently save your SMS, MMS, emails in a text or CSV file.

Best Profiles

Best Profiles for Symbian^3 allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule, calendar or GSM cell location.

Best Screen Snap

Freeware application that allows you to capture screenshots on your smartphone and save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer.

Best Timer

BestTimer is a handy software for setting different kinds of timers. Easy-to-use and intuitive interface, Pizza timers, 'Remind me in' timers, and stopwatch with 3 modes. Your girlfriend says she'll be ready in 2 minutes? Just check it :)

Electronic books

Best eBible

This application is necessary for people who are interested in Bible and want it to be their pocket book!

Best Kamasutra

Best Kamasutra application contains 240 (or 605 if add-on is installed) graphically illustrated poses.

Fun and Entertainment

Fun Flash

An application combining an advanced torch, a Morse transmitter and a siren.

Fun Torch

Have you forgot a torch? Or you haven't thought about it at all and suddenly found yourself in some dark place? Fun Torch will easily cope with this problem!